PMP Facilitator Training

PMP Facilitator Training

Peers Making Peace (PMP) is an award-winning and widely recognized school-based peer mediation program. OMC is the only entity in Michigan credentialed to train school staff in Peers Making Peace. Peer mediation programs train identified students as neutral third parties to intervene and assist other students in the resolution and management of interpersonal disputes. Peer mediation gives students an opportunity to resolve the conflict at hand and strategies to handle similar problems in the future without having an adult solve their problems for them. Peer mediation programs “have the potential to improve learning climates that ultimately could raise national test scores.” (Conflict Resolution Quarterly, 21/1, 7-25). By the end of this training participants will be able to:

  1. Empower students to resolve their own conflict by learning to design and implement the PMP Peer Mediation Program to meet student and school needs.
  2. Reduce discipline referrals, assaults, and expulsions by learning to coordinate peer mediations and program success at your school.
  3. Sustain program efforts by receiving the skills and training manual needed to train students to become peer mediators.

Peers Making Peace is appropriate for elementary, middle, and high schools.

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Participants will receive certificate of attendance as well as breakfast, lunch and refreshments.


OMC has program implementation options designed to establish a sustainable foundation for your program by providing a Staff Overview, Implementation Team Workshop, Student Peer Mediator Training, Parents’ Overview and two attendees at PMP Facilitator Training. For more information contact the Education Department at (248) 338-4280, ext. 210.

Existing PMP Comprehensive Level Program:

  • $300 – One School Staff Member – 34% Discount
  • $575 – Two School Staff Members – 36% Discount

New PMP Program:

  • $950 – Two School Staff Members, Implementation Kit & Annual Site License Fee – 53% Discount

Social Worker CEUs and State Continuing Education Clock Hours are available:

  • $50 for 19.5 hrs of SW CEUs
  • $25 for 19.5 hrs of SCECH


Oakland ISD


Linda Hannon


Current K-12 school staff only.


Contact Megan Dennis, Mediation, Education, and Outreach Supervisor, at or 248.338.4280 ext. 210.