Guiding school communities from bullying and conflict to solutions that work!

OMC offers a spectrum of comprehensive and evidence based programs for the K-12 setting. Our programs include:

Second Step

A violence prevention program that teaches students to develop and practice fundamental social skills., i.e. empathy, emotion management and cooperation.

Peers Making Peace

An award winning school based peer mediation program that encourages students of all ages to effectively resolve their own disputes as they adopt constructive behaviors for any conflict, in any setting.

Olweus Bullying Prevention

For over 40 years, OBPP has given schools the tools and resources they need to effectively change school climate while preventing and intervening in bullying behavior long term.

Truancy Prevention Through Mediation

Helps families, schools and students tackle the root causes of attendance problems.

Restorative Practices

Three processes that work to restore losses and right wrongs.


For more information about OMC’s School Based Programs or to request an information booklet on services please contact the Education Department at 248-338-4280, ext 211 or by email: