Training Description:

This 8-Hour State Court Administrative Office (SCAO) approved training is designed to teach mediators how to screen for domestic violence to determine if mediation is appropriate. The training is a required supplemental training to the 40-Hour Domestic Relations Mediator Training and will also satisfy SCAO 8-hour Advanced Mediation Training requirement for General Civil Mediators and Domestic Relations Mediators who previously took the 4-hour Domestic Violence Screening Training. By the end of the day participants will be able to:

  1. Recognize the dynamics of domestic abuse used for coercive control by one person against his or her current or former intimate partner.
  2. Understand why a history of domestic abuse by one party against another party is presumed to make mediation an inappropriate means of dispute resolution.
  3. Identify whether a mediation participant is able to safely and meaningfully participate in the process.
  4. Recognize and be able to implement a range of accommodations to enhance safety of all participants during screening and throughout the mediation process in the event that (a) the abused party wants to mediate, and (b) the mediator has determined, together with the abused party, that mediation is appropriate in this case.
  5. Learn how to conclude mediation safely, either after administering the screening questionnaire or throughout mediation, when mediation is determined to be inappropriate.
  6. Understand the importance of determining whether the mediator has the necessary skill, expertise, and ability to mediate a domestic relations matter where domestic abuse is an issue.

Training Date:


Registration Information:

Participants will receive detailed manual, certificate of attendance as well as breakfast, lunch and refreshments.


Training Fee: $295 per person. 


Oakland Mediation Center


Megan Dennis


Must have completed the 40-hour General Civil Mediation Training or Domestic Relations Mediation Training.


Contact Megan Dennis, Education Services & Volunteer Services Manager at or 248.338.4280 ext. 210