Mediation Case Types

Adoption mediation refers to a process for mediating a Post Adoption Contact Agreement (PACA). This is an agreement between the birth parents and prospective adoptive parents that allows for contact between a child’s adoptive family and members of the child’s birth family after the adoption has been finalized. This includes Bullying issues, divorce mediation, parenting mediation and more.

Mediation Experience

If you have received your 40-Hour General Civil or Domestic Relations Mediation Training Certificate, you have already completed step one of the State Court Administrative Office’s (SCAO) requirements to become an approved mediator. OMC offers a complete practical experience package for individuals who have previously completed their 40-hour mediation training and are in pursuit of becoming a General Civil or Domestic Relations Mediator and need to meet the SCAO requirements for circuit court list eligibility.

Open A Case

Once you open a case, your case will begin by a mediation specialist mailing you a letter to confirm the case is open. A letter is next sent to the respondent inviting him/her to participate in mediation at your request. If our office has not received a call back from the respondent within 3 business days, A Mediation Specialist contacts them directly. You are notified immediately regarding the respondent’s decision to mediate. A date and time for the mediation session is scheduled once all parties have agreed to participate in mediation.

Community Resources

Navigate through various resources to better help you understand how to get started with mediation, including the Michigan Self-help Online Legal Assistance Center, Michigan Special Education Information Source, Oakland County Special Education Information Source and more.