Charity Burke, Executive Director

Charity Burke is OMC’s Executive Director. She holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology, with a concentration in Industrial/Organization, and a graduate degree in Dispute Resolution from Wayne State University, is an approved mediator trainer through the State Court Administrative Office and has a professional background in mediation and business.  Charity’s goal is to grow OMC’s programming and reach deeper into our community to create awareness and provide services to everyone.  She takes pride in OMC as a non-profit organization providing the critical services so that everyone in the community has access to a path of resolution.

Amro Altaweel, Mediation Specialist

Amro Altaweel is a Mediation Specialist assisting with General Civil, Small Claims and Landlord Tenant mediation cases in six District Courts throughout Oakland County. Amro holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Political Science with a minor in history and graduated from Thomas M. Cooley Law School in September 2019. He completed the 40-Hour General Civil Mediation program through Oakland Mediation Center and Cooley Law School. He believes strongly in the Alternative Dispute Resolution process and mediation, and that it truly has a positive outcome for individuals and their conflicts.

Joe Considine, Mediation Services Team Lead (Specialty Mediation) 

Joe Considine is a Mediation Services Team Lead at the Oakland Mediation Center. He has over 30 years of experience with sales, and sales team management in the for-profit sector, as well as experience with development and fundraising in the non-profit sector. Joe is fascinated by the effectiveness of the mediation process and believes in the process. His goal is to raise awareness of the services offered by OMC and ensure future growth for the organization by broadening the audience that we serve.

Megan Dennis, Education, Special Education, and Volunteer Services Manager

Megan Dennis is the Education, Special Education, and Volunteer Services Manager at Oakland Mediation Center.  Megan earned a BA in English & Sociology from Oakland University and a Master’s Degree in Dispute Resolution from Wayne State University in 2010.  Megan’s goal is to reach more people in our communities; to educate & bring awareness about mediation as an option for resolving disputes, with open communication and participant empowerment.  Through her time spent working in juvenile corrections and volunteering at OMC and Wayne Mediation Center Megan fell in love with non-profit organizations.

Jon Fitzgerald, Mediation Services Team Lead (Civil Mediation)

Jon Fitzgerald is a Mediation Services Team Lead at the Oakland Mediation Center.  He completed the General Civil Mediation Training in 2013 and became a volunteer for the organization shortly after.  Jon first joined the staff in June, 2015 and became part of the team.  Since then he has completed the Domestic Mediation Training along with the Special Education Mediation Training.  Jon graduated from Wayne State University with a Bachelor of Arts and though he has over 20 years of corporate management experience he began working for non-profit organizations in 2009 because he believes it is critical to give back to your community.   

Shelby Paye, Administrative Assistant

Shelby is the Administrative Assistant at Oakland Mediation Center. She graduated in April of 2017 from Oakland University earning a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and a minor in Psychology. She has experience in marketing and promotions and hopes to use skills from previous employment to share OMC’s services with the community. In addition to being on staff at OMC she also works for the Detroit Pistons. Both the mediation process and working for a nonprofit origination are new to Shelby and exciting aspects of being a part of the OMC team.

Mary Wallace, Mediation Specialist

Mary Wallace is a Mediation Specialist assisting with the General Civil, Small Claims, and Landlord Tenant mediations in six various district courts within Oakland County.  Mary holds a BA in Communications from Oakland University and a Masters Degree in Social Work from Wayne State University.  She has been a volunteer with the organization for the past five years after completing training for General Civil, Domestic Relations, and Special Education mediations.  Mary enjoys serving as a board member for the Viola Liuzzo Park Association, as well as other volunteer roles within her community.

Gabriella Reihanian Havlicek, Behavioral Health Mediation Services Manager

Gabriella Reihanian Havlicek is OMC’s Behavioral Health Mediation Services Manager. She holds an undergraduate degree in Political Science Pre-law and a Juris Doctor from Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School. She completed the 40-Hour General Civil Mediation program and the 48-Hour Domestic Mediation Program both from Cooley Law School. Her goal is to ensure the success of the Behavioral Health Mediation Services program so that recipients of Community Mental Health have the opportunity to resolve their disputes through mediation.

Maysoon Mattar, Mediation Specialist (Behavioral Health Mediation Program)

Maysoon Mattar joined the OMC’s Behavioral Health Mediation team in 2021 as a Mediation Specialist. She has a BA degree in English Language and a Master of Arts in Dispute Resolution from Wayne State University. She completed the 40- hour General Civil Training Program and the 48-hour Domestic Mediation Training Program. She is passionate about community-based work and strongly believes in the potential of mediation in resolving disputes.