Mediation Services

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  • Community Resources
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Education Services

In addition to taking mediation training to become a mediator, many people take mediation training to enhance their skill set in their current career. The facilitation, problem-solving, and de-escalation skills of a mediator are easily transferable to any individual who facilitates meetings and group discussions or is responsible for addressing conflicts within their organization.

Legal Services

Oakland Mediation Center launched its Low-Cost Legal Services program in 2018 to assist individuals who do not qualify for free legal aid but cannot afford the current retail cost of an attorney. OMC’s Low-Cost Legal Services program provides legal services at a rate based on a client’s household size and income. Traditional representation and limited scope representation are available.

The Low-Cost Legal Services program offers both traditional representation and limited scope representation. Traditional representation is where an attorney represents you in your legal matter from start to finish. Traditional full-service representation allows the attorney to handle the matter entirely, but it can be much more costly than limited scope representation. Limited scope representation (often referred to as “unbundling”) allows a client to hire an attorney for parts of their legal matter or case. This allows a client to pick and choose which services or parts of their matter they would like the attorney to manage, for example:

• Reviewing a settlement agreement
• Advice and coaching for negotiations
• Drafting court pleadings or documents
• Attending hearings or mediation
• Filing and serving court documents.
Limited scope representation also allows a client to retain an attorney for guidance during their matter without the expense of having the attorney appear in court or engage in negotiations with an opposing party. However, limited scope representation is not appropriate in all matters and there may be some matters where traditional representation is necessary.

OMC’s Low-Cost Legal Services program strives to provide services tailored to each individual client and their needs. Individuals may schedule a consultation with an attorney regarding their legal matter to receive an estimate tailored to their budget and specific needs. The program currently offers representation within Michigan in the areas of:

• Divorce
• Custody, Parenting Time, and Child Support
• Estate Planning
• Probate Law
• Guardianships and Conservatorships
• Personal Protection Orders
• Landlord/Tenant Matters
• Leases and Eviction
• And more

For more information regarding this program or to contact us for services, call Ashley Turner at (248) 338-4280 ext. 211.