Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Contact Joseph Considine, Business Development Lead at 248-338-4280 ext. 212 or jconsidine@mediation-omc.org.

Whether your employees are experiencing conflict in their personal life, or a workplace dispute between individuals or departments, the Oakland Mediation Center’s alternative dispute resolution methods are a meaningful first step in moving the parties forward and restoring productivity. The Oakland Mediation Center helps companies manage and resolve conflicts in less costly ways with much more satisfactory results for all parties involved.

Mediators are highly skilled third parties that remain neutral and help to facilitate resolutions where self determination is the focus. Parties must feel heard, respected, and equally considered.  Mediation typically results in improved communication between the parties, especially within a work setting, and decreases the chance of future conflicts between the parties.

An emerging corporate trend to boost productivity and profits is offering Oakland Mediation Center services as part of the employee benefits package. The affordable package of services we offer can serve a dual purpose: resolving conflict at home or at work. Wherever the conflict is occurring, it is affecting that person’s ability to function at their best. This kind of distraction is costing companies money every day.

Let us show you how easy it can be to lower the stress that conflict brings, improve productivity, retain talent, and keep employees engaged in making your company more profitable.

Contact Joseph Considine, Business Development Lead at 248-338-4280 ext. 212 or jconsidine@mediation-omc.org.