Become a Mediator

In addition to taking mediation training to become a mediator, many people take mediation training to enhance their skill set in their current career. The facilitation, problem-solving, and de-escalation skills of a mediator are easily transferable to any individual who facilitates meetings and group discussions or is responsible for addressing conflicts within their organization. This includes human resource personnel, managers, supervisors, project or team leaders, mental health professionals, educators, and union negotiators. You can even use the skills in your personal life.

General Civil Mediation Training

40-Hour State Court Administrative Office Approved

This 5-day, highly interactive training is designed to teach participants the skills necessary to act as mediators in facilitating the resolution of civil disputes. This training is the first step for any individual who wishes to learn the skills of a mediator,  mediate privately or qualify for the circuit court roster approved list of mediators.

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Domestic Relations Mediation Training

48-Hour State Court Administrative Office Approved

This 6-day, highly interactive training is designed to teach participants the skills necessary to act as mediators in facilitating the resolution of divorce and custody issues. This training is the first step for any individual who wishes to learn the skills of a mediator, mediate privately or qualify for the circuit court roster approved list of mediators. The training includes the State Court Administrative Office (SCAO) required 8-Hour Domestic Violence Screening Training for mediators.

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Advanced Mediation Training

8-Hour Advanced Mediation Training
Both novice and experienced mediators recognize that every case brings new challenges. Every dispute is unique and should cause the mediator to stretch their mind and dig deep into their toolbox of skills. We offer advanced training to individuals who wish to enhance their mediator skill set and who need to meet the circuit court roster requirements of advanced mediation training. Click the training opportunities below for more information and to register.

Facilitation Skills from Mediations to Meetings

This multi-faceted training will allow participants to gain the facilitation skills necessary to run successful mediations and meetings.  By using discussion, videos, and demonstrations participants will build on the elements of communication, problem-solving, and facilitation skills that are used in both group mediations and meetings. Participants will also apply these valuable skills learned in a role-playing setting. Participants will receive a copy of the book “Great Meetings! Great Results” by Dee Kelsey and Pam Plumb.
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Mediator Wisdom Reflection, Imitation, and Experience 8 Hour Advanced Mediation Training

Both new and seasoned mediators will learn mediator wisdom with this highly reflective and experiential advanced mediator training. Through mediation role-plays participants will utilize facilitated reflection to capture learning moments, learn new skills and techniques from observing their peers, and gain hands-on mediation experience. Click HERE to learn more and register

Mediation Experience

If you have received your 40-Hour General Civil or 48-Hour Domestic Relations Mediation Training Certificate, you have already completed step one of the State Court Administrative Office’s (SCAO) requirements to become an approved mediator. OMC offers a complete practical experience package for individuals who have previously completed their 40-hour mediation training and are in pursuit of becoming a General Civil or Domestic Relations Mediator and need to meet the SCAO requirements for circuit court list eligibility.

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Mediating Across the Ages- A Generational Diversity Communication Training

Participants will learn from a SCAO-approved Advanced Mediation Trainer and a subject matter expert on multi-generational diversity on how to become aware of where these differences may cause conflict. Trainees will also learn skills to utilize the strengths of these differences in mediation to promote conflict resolution.

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September 12th

Conflict Management Workshops

Basic Conflict Resolution Workshop

This highly interactive one-day training is specifically designed to equip individuals with the necessary skills to communicate and manage conflict effectively. This training is ideal for any adult in the school, business or community sector looking to enhance their communication and conflict management skills.

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Conflict Management in Special Education

When planning for children with special needs, it is crucial that IEP team meetings go well. This FREE and highly interactive workshop is designed to impart skills that help the IEP team effectively manage conflict prior to, during, and after IEP meetings. This workshop is ideal for any school staff person working in special education or parent who is involved in the IEP process. Registration includes a certificate of attendance and refreshments.

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Professional Development for K-12 Educators

Restorative Practices

Restorative Practices are collaborative processes involving those affected by a crime in determining how best to repair the harm caused by the offense. Victim Offender Mediation, Conferencing and Circles are three processes under the larger umbrella of Restorative Practices.  These processes provide a safe and structured environment for dialogue, negotiation and problem solving between all people impacted by the offense. With the assistance of trained facilitators, participants are able to openly express the full impact the crime has had on their lives and offenders are able to recognize this impact and take responsibility for their behavior. The intent is to hold offenders directly accountable for their behavior, foster victim empowerment and clarify future expectations rather than place blame on past behavior.

Peers Making Peace Facilitator Training

An award-winning school-based peer mediation program that encourages students of all ages to effectively resolve their own disputes as they adopt constructive behaviors for any conflict, in any setting. Peers Making Peace Facilitator Training is for school staff to learn how to coordinate a peer mediation program and train students to be mediators. OMC has Peers Making Peace implementation options designed to establish a sustainable foundation for your school. Click HERE to learn more.