Conflict Resolution Workshop

Conflict Resolution Workshop

Training Description

This highly interactive training is specifically designed to equip individuals with the necessary skills to communicate and manage conflict effectively. By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  1. Explore what conflict means to them. 
  2. Identify five different styles of conflict management and their own predominant conflict style. 
  3. Understand the conflict cycle, its phases, and how the cycle works in their own lives. 
  4. Identify specific changes they would like to make in their own conflict cycle. 
  5. Review effective and ineffective strategies in conflict. 
  6. Reveal situations that can “trigger” their anger cycle, the physical signals our bodies give us when we start to get angry, and strategies for cooling off when angry. 
  7. Understand the concept of interests in conflict and identify feelings and interests beneath positional statements. 
  8. Identify effective and ineffective ways of sending a message as well as practice giving effective messages. 
  9. Identify and practice good listening skills, being cognizant of body language and encouraging responses. 
  10. Become familiar with and practice reflective listening responses. 
  11. Understand the concept of reframing and practice turning negative statements into positive ones.
  12. Review and practice the eight steps of the Conflict Resolution Process.

2022 Dates of Training

All trainings will be conducted via Zoom 

Summer Dates:  TBD

Fall Dates:  TBD

Participants will receive detailed participant guide and a certificate of attendance.


Training Fee: $149.00 per person.


Oakland Mediation Center


This training is ideal for any adult in the school, business or community sector looking to enhance their communication and conflict management skills.
Private professional development workshops are available for groups up to 20. Contact the education department at 248-338-4280 ext 210 to schedule.


Contact Megan Dennis, Education and Volunteer Services Manager at 248.338.4280 ext. 210 or .