Attorney Referral Form

Attorney Referral Form


Mediation is a voluntary, private and confidential process where:

  • Individuals can express their concerns & points of view
  • Individuals can brainstorm solutions
  • Individuals can explore all options for resolution
  • Individuals can control the decisions which affect them

Mediation is not a legal process, a place to determine who is right or wrong, or a place where people are told what to do.


  • Upon receipt of this referral form, the following will occur:
  • OMC Staff will contact the initiator of the case to further explain the mediation process and screen the situation for appropriateness.
  • OMC staff will send a letter to the Initiator confirming that the case has been opened. A letter will also be sent to the Respondent requesting their participation in mediation. OMC staff will follow-up with the Respondent after 3 business days to determine if they will participate in mediation.

Once all parties agree to mediation, a date and time will be scheduled and a mediator assigned to the case.

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