Restorative Practices

Restorative Practices

Restorative Practices in schools is a comprehensive prevention and intervention initiative that utilizes restorative practices processes and principles to improve school climate through building, enhancing, and repairing positive relationships which in turn reduces discipline issues. Oakland Mediation Center provides districts and individual schools with the comprehensive training and consultation they need to implement Restorative Practices.

Program Evaluation

Restorative Practices in Schools statistics show: (Riestenberg, Nancy. (2003, June). Restorative Schools Grants Final Report. St. Paul, MN: Minnesota Department of Education.)

  • 57% drop in discipline referral.
  • 35% drop in in-school suspensions.
  • 77% drop in out-of-school suspensions.
  • 69% of students reported that they were better able to resolve conflicts since the program’s implementation.

Program Implementation

OMC’s comprehensive Restorative Practices training occurs at a global and focused level.  At the global level, all school staff are provided with Restorative Practices training that focuses on using the Restorative Practices Circle Process in preventative ways to build classroom community, use Restorative Practices skills to engage in day to day problem solving and relationship building, as well as applying Restorative Practices principles and the Restorative Practices Circle process to engage students in problem solving around classroom level issues and concerns.

At the focused level, key school staff members tasked with behavioral issues (administrators, counselors, behavioral interventionists and/or social workers) are provided with in-depth training in using Restorative Practices Circles to solve problems in the learning environment. The Restorative Practices Circle process provides a safe and structured environment for dialogue, negotiation and problem solving between all people impacted by either conflict or harm that has been caused. Participants are able to openly express the full impact the situation has had on their lives and take responsibility for their behavior.

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