Peers Making Peace (PMP) is an award-winning and widely recognized school-based peer mediation program. OMC is the only entity in Michigan credentialed to train school staff in Peers Making Peace. Peer mediation programs train identified students as neutral third parties to intervene and assist other students in the resolution and management of interpersonal disputes. Peer mediation gives students an opportunity to resolve the conflict at hand and strategies to handle similar problems in the future without having an adult solve their problems for them. Peer mediation programs “have the potential to improve learning climates that ultimately could raise national test scores.” (Conflict Resolution Quarterly, 21/1, 7-25)

 Program Recognition

  • Model Program, SAMHSA*
  • Promising Program, OJJDP**

Program Evaluation

Six high schools with corresponding control schools were evaluated.
Program outcomes included: (PaxUnited)

  • Reduce assaults on campus by 90%
  • Decrease disciplinary referrals by 58%
  • Reduce expulsions by 73%
  • Raise standardized test scores by 19%

 Implementation Steps

  1. Staff Overview to ease implementation, secure support and identify members of the Implementation Team.
  2. Development of the Implementation Team. Selection and training of the Program Coordinators.
  3. Implementation Team Workshop to produce decisions necessary for successful program implementation.
  4. Student Orientation about the program.
  5. Selection of Peer Mediators.
  6. Peer Mediator Training for identified mediators.
  7. Parents’ Overview to allow parents to become aware of and support the program.
  8. Launch Program.

Implementation Options

Oakland Mediation Center offers several implementation methods to allow for a successful and sustainable program at an individual school building or district level. Please contact the education department at or 248-338-4280, ext 214 to learn which option will meet your need.

Click HERE for more information on the Peers Making Peace Facilitator Training.

For more information about OMC’s presentation of Peers Making Peace Program, please contact the Education Department at 248-338-4280, ext 214 or by email: