The Second Step program features skills for learning that promote self-regulation, which can help students with academic tasks and social situations. Students develop and practice fundamental social skills like empathy, communication, emotion management, problem solving and cooperation. The middle school curriculum also covers bullying prevention and substance abuse prevention. These essential life skills help students in the classroom, on the playground and at home.

Program Recognition

  • Model Program, SAMHSA*
  • Effective Program, OJJDP**
  • Select Program, CASEL***
  • Exemplary, U.S. Department of Education’s 2001 Expert Panel on Safe, Disciplined and Drug-Free Schools.

Program Evaluations

When compared to children in a control group, those who participated in the SECOND STEP program: Frey, K. S., Nolen, S. B., Edstrom, L. V., & Hirschstein, M. K. (2005)

  • Showed 78% greater improvement in teacher ratings of their social competence.
  • Required 41% less adult intervention in minor conflicts.
  • Were 42% less aggressive.
  • Were 37% more likely to choose positive social goals.
  • In addition, girls from intervention schools, where the program was implemented, were 59% more collaborative than girls in control schools.

Implementation Options

Oakland Mediation Center offers several supplemental implementation options and services to enhance your implementation efforts and allow for a successful and sustainable program.

  • Should school staff want outside assistance in conducting Second Step Lessons, OMC can come to your school and deliver the program directly to your students. We can also deliver supplemental lessons.
  • OMC provides the following additional services to enhance implementation:
  • Staff Overview of Second Step to ease implementation and secure support.
  • Support Team Workshop to produce decisions necessary for successful implementation.
  • One day Second Step Teacher Training to train educators in how to present the Second Step Middle School program in their classrooms.
  • Parents’ Training which will allow parents to learn and reinforce the skills their students are learning through the program.

For more information about OMC’s Second Step Program, please contact the Education Department at 248-338-4280, ext. 210, or Megan Dennis at