The Truancy Prevention Through Mediation Program (TPTM) gives families, schools, and students the opportunity to work together through the mediation process to address the root causes of an attendance problem. This process reduces the student’s chances of school dropout and delinquency, while helping to build a collaborative relationship between families and schools so that students attach to the school environment and achieve in school and beyond.

Program Evaluation

Truancy prevention mediation has consistently demonstrated positive results in an effort to combat truancy among elementary, middle and high school age students, making it a wise investment in our community. Statistics show: (Ohio Commission on Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management)

  • An average of 50% fewer incidents of absenteeism during remainder of school year.
  • An average of 65% fewer incidents of tardiness during remainder of school year.
  • 90% of teachers, parents, and school officials rated the program favorably and would use the mediation process again.

Components and Implementation

This is a school wide program in which OMC works with the school to create a Truancy Taskforce that creates program policies and procedures.

  1. Schools monitor students’ attendance and mail a “Friendly Warning Letter” to families informing them of an attendance concern and opening the door for problem solving and possible mediation in the future.
  2. If attendance does not improve, mediation is scheduled with OMC.
  3. Mediation is conducted with the family, school representative, teacher, and possibly the student.
  4. A plan is then created to address the root cause of the attendance issue. Mediations are scheduled for one hour to be held at the school and conducted by trained and qualified OMC.

For more information about OMC’s Truancy Mediation Program, please contact the Education Department at 248-338-4280, ext. 210, or by contacting Megan Dennis at