Mediation Services

Learn more about the mediation services we have to offer, including:

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Education Services

In addition to taking mediation training to become a mediator, many people take mediation training to enhance their skill set in their current career. The facilitation, problem-solving, and de-escalation skills of a mediator are easily transferable to any individual who facilitates meetings and group discussions or is responsible for addressing conflicts within their organization.

Legal Services

OMC's Legal Services program focuses on small civil and domestic matters for individual who do not qualify for local free legal aid services. This program was created to help those in our community who don't qualify for Legal Aid but who still cannot afford traditional legal representation.

This program works on an income based sliding scale. This sliding scale will account for household income and household size to determine costs of service. Services offered include limited scope legal services all the way to full representation as needed. Assistance my include court appearances, documentation preparation, and legal advice information on specific matters.