Community Mediator Training

Community Mediator Training

Are you a great listener? Does everyone call you when they need someone to listen AND not judge them? Do you want to help others feel empowered to find the answer that is right for them? Are you looking to make a difference in your community? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you just might be one of the superheroes we are looking for. We provide the training and you provide the time and commitment.

Oakland Mediation Center (OMC) is now accepting applications for the next 40-Hour Community Mediator Training Program. This training is designed to teach participants the skills necessary to act as mediators in facilitating the resolution of civil disputes. OMC conducts mediations with the assistance of community volunteers on-site at various Oakland County District Courts and at their Bloomfield Hills office.

Applicants should have an interest in working in their community, can commit to the service requirement, and have the ability to commute to and from local district courts.

The 40-Hour Community Mediator Training dates to be determined.

Attendance during the entire training is required to complete the program

There is a $150.00 fee to participate after an applicant submits their application and is accepted to the program following an interview and background check. This training regularly costs $1,295.00, but is discounted to approved participants interested in volunteering for OMC. The fee to participate covers the cost of training materials, breakfast, lunch, and refreshments.

After completion of training, participants must complete 40 half days of mediation volunteerism per year for two years to receive proof of training.

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If you have any questions regarding the details of this program, please contact Lindsay Tye at (248) 338-4280 ext. 214 or at